Salsa Dance Kids' Summer Camp

Salsa Dance Camp Structure


AGES 8 - 14


Dance classes have been linked to stronger achievement and cognitive outcomes, and increased well-being, positive mood, affect, and body image. Dance also leads to decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety. These benefits from dancing are not only manifested in adults, but they are also manifested in young adults and children.

Salsa Rueda Passion strongly relies in the psychological and sport research that highlights the benefits of dance. We also understand the developmental research that highlights the younger a person learns a skill, the faster and the longer they will be able to learn and retain those skills throughout their life.

Our instructors have experienced teaching Salsa from children to adults. And the facility we will be using is a welcoming and enjoyable place to grow.


Our camp is specifically planned for the ages advertised and exceptions are rarely made. Keep in mind participants spend 3 hours learning dance movements as well as working together and building relationships.

Camp Dates

Monday through Friday, July 23rd, July 24th, July 25th, July 26th, and July 27th.

Camp Times

Supervised drop off and pick up times are included.
  • Check In 12:30pm - 1:00pm

    Participants must be checked in no later than 1:15pm.

  • Pick Up 4:15pm - 4:30pm

    Participants must be picked up no later than 4:30pm. After 4:30pm an additional $50 per hour will be charged per participant.

  • Early Pick Up

    During camp hours, early pick up is not available unless it is arranged before Monday July 23rd. Emergencies are an exception.

Camp Location

Our program is based at the Carleton Artist Lofts at 2285 University Avenue West, Saint Paul (at the Raymond Avenue Light Rail stop).
  • Check In & Parking

    The entrance is located at the north end of the Carleton Artist building (Charles Avenue entrance). You may park in the parking lot or on the street. Our instructors will be waiting by the doors to welcome you. Please be patient as there may be lines to check in. A parent or adult must wait and check in the participant in person unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • Picking Up

    All participants must be signed out in person by an authorized adult. The adult must be on the approved pick up list and must show photo identification. No exemptions will be made. Make sure all authorized adults are on the registration form.

What To Bring Every Day

  • Dress for physical activity-wear athletic or dance shoes and socks
  • A towel
  • A water bottle
  • A bag to carry all belongings
  • A nutritious non-perishable snack(s)

What Not To Bring

  • Electronic devices such as music players, hand held games, cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc
  • Any illness
  • Toys or sports equipment
  • Pocket knives, weapons, or look-alike weapons
  • Perishable snack(s)

Salsa Rueda Passion wishes to involve every member of the community and to share our passion for the dance through education, practice, and performance. Salsa Rueda Passion provides the Twin Cities with an exceptional group of Rueda dancers, keeping the traditional dance alive.